Ncell’s subscribers now can use twitter for free- Twitter Zero Campaign

What could be the more exciting offer than Ncell’s Twitter Zero:  a new campaign – under which Ncell customers will be able to use twitter on their mobile phones and computers for free. Yeap you heard it right, for free. This offer is comming into effect on May 27 and will remain in place for 3 months.twitter_ncell


Ncell Private Ltd. stands as a privately owned GSM mobile operator in Nepal is country’s leading mobile service provider and second largest internet service provider has already joined hands with the Wikimedia Foundation and is launching a new product – Wikipedia Zero. You just need a phone with access to Ncell’s Internet and you can explore as much knowledge as you want through Wikipedia without any cost. With these campaign coming on, Ncell is sure becoming bigger and bigger with many customers.

There is no activation and service fee attached with the service of Twitter Zero. The offer will come for free to all Ncell customers and under it, they will be able to tweet their thoughts, read others’ comment/opinion, follow others and send messages to their followers by browsing for free. Mobile users can enjoy the facility at  Ncell is launching this campaign for sure to attract new customers. You just need a phone with access to Ncell’s Internet and you can use as much tariff on Twitter as you want to. However this service is not available on Opera mini and other proxy browser handsets.


On other hand if the customers browse multimedia files or external links in Twitter, they would be charged the normal price as using normal internet connection. However they will be notified in case they are browsing through mobile and charged at prevailing data tariff if they agreed to move to the other site. But careful this notification will not appear on computer though.

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