Nepal Space Agency – Does they even have any satellite on orbit?

Nepal’s space program is not suprisingly, nonexistent. The University of Kathmandu offers a degree in engineering but nothing specific to space related educational architecture, such as astrophysics, astronomy, astronautics or aeronautics. Moreover Nepal has no history of being part of any organization dealing with space, nor has launch capability. Nepal lacks the industrial base, the educational base and the political foundation for a process like this to occur within it. It has no functioning university with an astrophysics or astronautics program, and marginal industry.

Nepal operates no satellites and, not having an orbital presence, has no space power. However the government of Nepal in Kathmandu has plans for attempting to develop the space program in Nepal. They have formed a committee for the studies about long-overdue plans to examine the feasibility of launching its first satellite before 2015, the country may turn to China. If Nepal is unable to entirely use the satellite for its internal consumption, it can be leased to either China or India or both for commercial purposes.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority also doesn’t have any ambitious plan for the future. Not only NTA, many other Governmental or Non-Government organization also doesn’t have any working knowledge on Space program or satellite.

Some of the useful link.

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2. Present Status of NEPAL on Present Status of NEPAL on Space Tools for Sustainable Space Tools for Sustainable Development Development

Where to build the Operational Office after the Space Agency is Established?

After they finish studies about the feasibility of launching its first satellite, and actually plan to launch the satellite, the Operational office should be build to actually run the satellite. Some of the purposed places are Kathmandu- the capital city. But also on my opinion Pokhara will also be the good place. Nepal being the high altitude country it should consider building the satellite office somewhere high.

We need your Voice.

Nepali Government is no way soon going to be serious on Space program. We need the people of Nepal to be united especially the young engineer and future scientists and give pressure to Nepal government to move fast with it’s planning. You alone can make a difference, Share your idea in social platform and make people aware how can a space program can change the future of Nepal. In today world where going to space has become mainstream, Nepal is still lacking behind with not much of development in Space and Cosmology field.

Share your thoughts here. Your Voice is really important to us Nepalese and to pressure Nepalese Government to be active and work on Space Development.


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