Reason behind Nepal Airline being Banned in Europe

This is not much of a suprize that the European Commission (EC) has banned all Nepal-based airlines from flying in the European Union, terming them “unsafe”.Flag_of_Europe_large


In a statement given by  the EC, European operators and travel agents will need to inform European travellers, who have booked or have planned to book a flight with Nepali Airline not to travel with this airline.  According to the information regarding safety from various source including the Nepali Airline EC dicided to bann all the airline related to Nepal. But however Nepalese authority has informed that they have not got any official letter from EC regarding the ban. The Question many people are asking is “Is the condition of Neplease airline so bad?” Well We have ask that to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). But every one knows that now and than there is a news about the aeroplane crashing in Nepal. That might have lead EC to ban Nepali Airline. That what you might think, but there is a whole new story to this.

There has been major crashes in Nepal since 1955 A.D. Mar 3 1955, July 12 1969, July 31 1992, Sept 28 1992 , Oct 10 1999, July 27 2000 , Sept 22 2002  , June 21 2006 Sept 23 2006  , Mar 3 2008,  Oct 8 2008, Aug 24 2010. If you recall these dates you will probably know the major crashes that has killed more than 450 people. There are other minor crashes also but not included here.

Ok, Let me come to the point. Why did EC banned all the Nepali based airline on it’s Sky?


Nepal has been buying Big Aeroplanes from Airbus Europe based Company since many years. Back in April Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to buy two Airbus A320 aircraft equipped with Sharklet fuel saving wing tip devices for fleet modernisation from Airbus. Shree Airline had ordered Eight Light Eurocopter Helicopters from Eurocopter(Partner with Airbus). These are all Europe based Big manufacturer.

Airbus is not standalone company, It has been backed by EADS(European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company), So to say Airbus is one of the company operated by EADS. EADS is a big company in Europe and around the world. But lately EADS is suffering a big blow on the market. EADS is axing around 5,800 jobs in it’s defence and space arms including about 450 in Britain, and closing its Paris Headquarters. It means it has been facing troubles being in the market as it’s customers are getting low year by year.

Other South Asian countries like Nepal who barely can produce their own aircrafts have bought commercial aircrafts and military aircraft from Russia in big numbers and some of them from Europe. Like Bangladesh has more Russian and Chinese aircraft than European manugactured aircraft. Europe based Aircraft manufacturer has been loosing customers in these areas. This doesnot mean that loosing customers in South Asia has made EADS to loose the jobs but it has contibuted a little.

Few months ago Nepali Airline has announced to buy a six planes from China. Nepal’s Finance Secretary Shanta Raj Subedi and Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Wu Chuntai have signed two agreements — Framework Agreement on Provision of Concessional Loan Assistance and Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement for Grant Assistance.The loan agreement followed Nepal’s decision to allow China made aircraft to fly in the skies over Nepal. As per the agreement reached during the negotiation between the officials of the two governments, China will provide a grant of 180 million (Rs 2.98 billion) for procuring a Y-12e and a MA60, while the China EXIM Bank will provide soft loans worth 218 million (Rs 3.61 billion) to purchase the four aircraft .


To put all together these things together one of the world biggest company which produce aircraft has been loosing the customers around the world. Nepal may had a plan to buy many aircraft from Europe as it was the customer form Airbus but Nepal being  poor country and getting the loans to buy aircraft lead it to buy aircrafts form China. This may be the trend from now in South Asia. China and Russia has been getting big markets around the world and has made Europe to worry a lot.  Banning the Nepalese Airline in European sky was the only way to punish Nepal and give them warning. It will also warn other countries before buying any aircraft from China and Russia. If you want to fly your Plane in Europe than you got to buy it from Europe.

Aviation officials have said the decision of the European Commission to ban all Nepal-based airlines from flying in the European Union might be related to Nepal’s move to permit Chinese-made MA60 aircraft in the Nepali skies. Nepali authorities were questioned by Aviation Safety Committee of the EC on issuing type certificate to the 58-seater MA60(Chinese Aircraft) on November 19 2013 in Brussels.

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