Wikipedia Zero arrives in Nepal via Ncell and you don’t have to pay a Paisa to use it

The Wikipedia Zero initiative is based on partnerships with mobile phone operators, whereby the operator agrees to deploy a version of Wikipedia in such a way that their users do not need to pay for data access. This service has now officially arrived in Nepal via a partnership with Ncell, Nepal’s largest mobile network operator.

Ncell Private Ltd. stands as a privately owned GSM mobile operator in Nepal is country’s leading mobile service provider and second largest internet service provider has joined hands with the Wikimedia Foundation and is launching a new product – Wikipedia Zero. You just need a phone with access to Ncell’s Internet and you can explore as much knowledge as you want through Wikipedia. However this service is not available on BlackBerry, Opera mini and other proxy browser handsets.


Whenever a subscriber clicks on an external link while using from, he will be shown a notification indicating that standard data charges may apply to view the link. External link will be opened after subscriber’s consent only. Notification message will not be seen on browsing from Wikipedia desktop version and mobile applications.

Nepal has joined the race including other South Asian countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka  for providing free access to education via Wikipedia. You can also browse Wikipedia in Nepali language which motivates Nepalese user to use Wikipedia more, It has been estimated that there are around 26,598 articles in Nepali language in Wikipedia.

How to make sure if the Wikipedia Page you are loading is for free? 

When you load a page of Wikipedia you will see a Free access notification on the top of every page. So, if you don’t see that notification you probably are paying money and you should contact Ncell operator for this problem.

Some Words:
This is the undeniable truth that Education has been a way to make money in Nepal. Many private sector’s college and school are running a business to earn money rather than giving good education to students.  In this condition this initiative from Ncell being the private Company is considered as a good step for providing knowledge for Nepalese Users. It is nice for Ncell users to browse through articles and get knowledge for free. Hope Government owned Nepal Telecom (NT) will also join with Wikipedia Zero in the future.

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