May 21, 2019

Make your own Windows installation disk with all updates installed. No need to install updates again after clean Window Installtion.

You decided to clean install your windows but you know that after you install your window you have to go through each and every updates again. Windows updates and lots of reboot takes lots of time and patience. So, today I will try to teach you the way to make a installation disk that includes all the required updates from window so that you don’t have to go through the hard work of installing updates each and every time after you install the windows.

Before you start: If you upgraded your Window, let’s say from window 8 to window 8.1, this method will not work. Just use this method with specific Windows version, but not upgraded Windows.

Things you need:

1. WinReducer


On the download page you can see different version that you can download. Just download the version that you need. I am using this software with Windows 8.1 so I download WinReducer 8.1.  After downloading the software extract the folder. If you don’t have any extraction software than download 7zip. Anyway we will need it later. After extracting the folder in my case the extracted folder is WinReducer81 put this folder on Desktop for convenience because we will be working on this folder a lot, so we need to find it easily.

2. 7zip

After installing this software, navigate to the installation folder. Normally it lies on C:Program Files7-Zip. From this folder you have to copy 7z.dll and 7z.exe to your WinReducer81HOMESOFTWARE folder.

3. Imagex and Oscdimg

You can download these files from GetWaikTools.  After downloading GetWaikTools.7z, open it up with 7zip or any extraction software. You will find a executable file, Double click it and run it. Small window will open with many options. Select “Waik tools for Windows 8.1”  if you are using it for window 8.1 or select something else according to your operating system.


Now click on Download. After the download is finished it will show you the path where is downloaded files are stored. Along with Imagex and Oscdimg you will be downloading some other files but we will be only using these two files. Navigate to the folder, copy Imagex and Oscdimg and paste it to the folder WinReducer81HOMESOFTWARE.

4. SetACL

After you follow the setACL link, look for executable file but not the for DLL file. On that webpage you can download setACL  for different users but you have to download where it is written Administrators. After downloading copy the executable file on the folder WinReducer81HOMESOFTWARE.


5. ResHacker

Download it and Install it. After Installing Navigate to the installation folder normally on C:Program Files (x86)Resource Hacker on 64bit computer. Copy the file ResHacker executable file on the folder WinReducer81HOMESOFTWARE.

If the download link doesn’t work or if you could not download these files than contact me, I will be happy to provide you with these files.

That was lot of work to do but don’t worry that was the hard part. Now it will be smooth, I promise.

Making Windows installation disk with all updates installed

Step 1:

Double check it if every thing is Ok. If everything looks good than go to the WinReducer81 folder. There you can see a a executable file called WinReducer81.exe, double click it and open it. If you see the below window that means you did some mistake. winreducer81errror

All the options on this window should be “ON”. If you kept all the needed executable and files on the folder WinReducer81HOMESOFTWARE than all the option will be green and it will say “ON”. Try it again, if everything goes well than the following window will open.


Step 2:

Click on START. You will be shown some options. Click on Folder to choose the installation folder of Windows 8.1 or whatever windows you are working on and Click on ISO to choose the ISO file of the Windows installation file. If you have the installation disc than simply copy the files from the disc to a folder in your computer and select that folder. It will take of time so be patience.

Step 3:

After sometime a big Window will open with lots of tabs.


Click on System and afterwards WinReducer Updates Tool. Choose whether you want to download the update for 32bits or 64bits computer. Please be careful and choose according to the Windows type that you before imported. Now Click on Update.

Step 4:

Click on all available updates and Click on Download. It will take of time so be patience.

Step 5:

After the download is complete you can close that window and you will be taken back to the previous window of Step 3. On the field Updates, you have to give the path of the updates that you have just downloaded.  Your updates has been downloaded and saved on the folder winreducer81WinReducer81WORKINTEGRATEUPDATES/64x if on 64bit version window. Click on three dots(Browse) and Navigate to the folder UPDATES and choose 32bit or 64bit folder according to your need.

Step 6:


If there are any other customizations you’d like to make, go ahead and make them now. If not you can ignore this step.

Step 7:

Now click on FINISH and Apply.

Step 8:

At last ISO creator window is open. You can save it as ISO file or as WIM file. I would like to save it as ISO file. After clicking on ISO see if everything is OK and than click on SAVE.


And after sometime your ISO file is ready with all the updates, you don’t have to install all the updates again if you decide to format you computer and clean install your window.

Just install the ISO file into a DVD or if you want to make a bootable USB than go ahead and make your own bootable USB.

Now you have a Windows installation disc with all the latest updates. I hope it was smooth. Enjoy!!!

If you need more help you can always watch the tutorial I made on YouTube for you guys.

Please give me some feedback. I would love to address them.

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