May 26, 2019

Make yourself a Pre-Rooted Stock Sony ROMs in Just Few Clicks easily

If you want to take full advantage of potentials of your android phone, than you root it. So that your phone can do awesome stuffs that it could not do before rooting. If you don’t know if you should root your phone or not, you should read the article that we wrote before on Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phones and how to root your it.

But it is even better if you could make your Pre-Rooted firmware. A pre-rooted firmware is a firmware, which already includes root. Yes, it is now possible for Stock Sony Roms in just few clicks. With a Windows only software called PRFCreator, you will be able to make a pre-rooted stock sony roms in just few simple moves, and you can directly flash it on your sony smartphones if you have a recovery menu.


Things to Remember

We don’t take any responsibility for any damage to your device when performing the steps below during for after the process. Make sure you have Microsoft .NET 3.0 installed.

Things you need

1. The stock firmware(*.ftf) for the sony’s device that you want to root. If you want to make you own *.ftf file than you can refer to this awesome thread on XDA.

2. SuperSU

3. DualRecovery

How to make a pre-rooted firmware?

Step 1:


Download the PRFCreator and extract it to Desktop or anywhere where it is easy for you to access it. Now Open that extracted folder and run the PRECreator.exe software.

Step 2:

Now you will see the window like below which will help you make your pre-rooted firmware.

pre rooted stock sony roms

Browse the path of the FTF file(sony’s stock firmware), SuperSu Zip and DualRecovery Zip respectively on their respective place.

Note: If you do not include the kernel in the pre-rooted firmware, it’s recommended to flash it afterwards with flashtool.


Depending on the size of the firmware and various factor it may take more than ten minutes. After it has been finished, go to the folder where you have your PRECreator.exe software, you will see a file called “”, you can flash this zip file directly to your device.

Download | PRFCreator Release) | PRFCreator dualrecovery zip optional,  fix exception if file doesnot exist in sin.

Thanks to zxz0O0 for this beautiful software.

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