May 21, 2019

Memory Map — Disk Cleaner: Different Prospective To See What’s On Your Android Smartphone

Memory Map — Disk Cleaner is an excellent tool for the cleaning of the memory card of your Android operating system from unnecessary files. But this is just NOT another cache memory cleaner application- at least it is what the developers promise.
memory map

Memory Map shows us – after the initial temporary scanning your memory card, the percentage distribution of the data. As its name suggests, we obtain a map of files and directories. At the same time it gives a number of very useful features that make it a versatile and manageable.


memory_mapMemory Map is NOT another cache cleaner. It focuses on bringing you an overall view of your disk and allows you to delete your *own* files (pictures, videos, musics…) as well as cache files. To do that, Memory Map is based on a interactive map of all the files and folders contained in your disk. The bigger a file is on the screen, the bigger it is on the disk, it’s that simple! ——-Developer( Joan Zapata)

Initial view includes what the biggest, or the largest directories and files. Map can also show the ratio of the occupied space empty space that we have on the card. It also gives you the option of choosing a color scheme maps, ie. data can be colored according to the file type or according to the date of modification.

memory map cache clear

You can zoom the map so that you will know what your smartphone consists ie. catalogs, directories of directories, etc . This map service is no different than a traditional map, everything is intuitive and simple. This app is also equipped with a search engine that will help you find your files or directories.


In the standard map view of directories and files, you can select the specific file so that when they are focused, it will give you the option to delete the file and also to see more information button. That means you can directly play videos or watch images in the application itself.  However, you also have the option to redirects to the default application app to view that file.


Memory Map is a great tool for viewing and cleaning of the unwanted files on the memory. We recommend it to all users of Android. It is just not a traditional file manager, it gives you different prospective to your files with awesome map view.

Download | Memory Map — Disk Cleaner

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If you like this app than tell us your experience. Do you know any other better app? Do you know any other similar apps that are not mentioned here and you think it is worth mentioning?

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