April 26, 2019

Never Forget your password again with PasswordProtect(Even more Secure Password)

Scenario:You are a internet lover and really surf a lot through the wonderful land of Internet. That means you have lot of accounts in different websites. You forget your password often and just waste your time on resetting your password.

There may not be lot of you who has this problem many times but this happens to every one some of the time. I had the same problem, I have more than 20 accounts in 20 different websites and remembering password for all of them is not possible. So, I made an Android app called Password Protect that helps me remember my password and I use this all the time. I am sure it will be helpful for many of you. This is even a open source, if you are not sure if this app is secure, you can see the source code yourself.

How it works?
After you type your Login credentials(Name of the website, Username or email , and Password), the app will saves all of your data in the Internal storage of your device. As it is saved in internal storage with the MODE_PRIVATE(technical terms to save the data in internal storage so that other apps are not allowed to read the data saved by this app) no other app are able to read the file.  If you want to see your password again than you can simply load it on the app.

Who can use this app?
If your Android smartphone is rooted than Please don’t use this app to store your password because any other app can have access your Internal Storage. It does not mean that any app will see your password and sends it over internet but any people who have physical access to your device can see your saved data through File Manager if they want.

How to use this app?

Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-38-13 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-38-22 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-38-35 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-38-46 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-38-54 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-39-00
This app is password protected. When you install this app for the first time you have no password. Just click on OK. Then just change your password. And this is the only password that you have to remember.After you Login you can save three credentials. The website, Username or email and password. You can save these credentials and look back if you forget your login credentials of the any website.

How secure is this app?
I already said before that your password and other login data are saved in the internal storage of the device with MODE_PRIVATE. Also this app doesnot require any permission to run. If you are a android developer than you may know what Permissions are. So you don’t have to worry about your password being stolen. If somebody knows the password of this app than only they can see all of the credentials otherwise It is safe untill and unless your device is not rooted. I recommend you putting secure password to this app.

If anyone need help with getting started with eclipse to build this project you can get help here.

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