June 18, 2019

Create a Strong Password and you don’t have to remember it

I don’t like to remember my password all the time. I have accounts in so many websites that it is so hard for me to remember password all the time. I think it is same with many internet users. You want to have a really complicated, lengthy and strong password but it is really hard to remember. There are many softwares that promises to solve this problem but not as this one.

Amit Agarwal has made a small tool for Digital Inspiration and can be used by anyone. It is called Secure Passwords and I use it for my website and other online accounts. It is really easy to use and really safe. This password generator uses the secure bcrypt algorithm to create strong passwords that are also unique for every site. If you are not sure if it is secure you can always check the code at Github. The passwords are generated inside the tool itself. So you don’t have to worry if it sends the password to any server or so.

passwordThere are other others ways to use this tool. You can download single-page app it on your computer and use offline on your computer. It is also available as a Chrome extension and also as an Android App.

How to use Secure passwords?

As seen in the Image above you have to enter the username of any website or web service that you are going to use, the name of the website(web domain), password length and the secret key that you only know and it can be anything like your songs lyrics or poems and so on. After that press show password. The password will remain same for the given credentials at any time so that you can come back at any time give the same credentials and see the passwords. The generated passwords meet all the criteria for strong passwords – they are made of digits, special characters and letters are in mixed-case.

I would like to thanks Amit Agarwal for his contribution to make the password more secure and easy to use.

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