April 26, 2019

Parental Control- Remotely control the Smartphones and protect your Child Online

Remotely Controlling Smartphones is really important nowadays because if you lost your phone than you don’t want to risk your privacy. You can simply erase all the data, or lock your phone remotely so that other cannot access your phone. Even if you are a parent than you can block access on a child’s smartphone so that they can focus their attention on things like preparing for exams, homework or reading books. Maybe you could also give designated break times for your child and allow them to use smartphones for sometimes. Some feature that lets the child know when the device will be available for use again.

There are many apps in android and apple devices which promises you to remotely control your devices with lot of features. But here are list of best of the best apps.

For Android Smartphones


Care4teen – Kindersicherung

Care4teen - Kindersicherung

Care4teen is an application that will protect your child. Restrictions for launching applications, secure web browser. Remote access to what kids are doing on the Internet. What apps and games they play. And where are they from GPS monitoring. Now, parents can remotely control their children‘s online activities whenever they are. Parents can remotely see online real-time reports on the care4teen.com website.

Kids Place Mit Kindersicherung

Kids Place Mit Kindersicherung android Kids Place Mit Kindersicherung playstore Kids Place Mit Kindersicherung

Set up parental controls and create a safe area in your device for children. Parental lock protect your personal information when children both your phone and tablet use, by releasing only approved applications you use. Keep children from getting accidentally widget applications to make calls to texts, or perform other actions that can cost you your money.


Funamo Kindersicherung

Funamo Kindersicherung android Funamo Kindersicherung playstore Funamo Kindersicherung

Funamo provides insightful parental control for Android devices of your children. It offers two days of free trial access, and if it meets your expectations, then you can simply purchase a license for $ 19.99 on the website of Funamo or do this by clicking the “buy now Funamowithin the app to click. The Funamo parental control license protects your device as long as it belongs to you. No membership fee, no monthly fees! For as little as the price of a book you can be reassured now because of the mobile devices of your children. You know that you are protected from the Funamo Parental Control. Please note that the Funamo parental control license is per machine, which means that you need different licenses for each device that you have to buy.

Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time is to give an app to parents the ability to restrict the usable time on tablets and mobile phones for their children. Some of the main functions includes Locking social apps and games, but allowing educational apps during school hours. If you want to see what really your kids is doing than you can do that by watching the real time screen on your child’s device. And the most important if kid try to uninstall apps, then it will ask for the unlock password.

For apple Devices



timelock_time_limit_for_parent_apple_iphone_iso iPadlock_timelock_parental_lock_controltimelock_time_limit_for_parent_apple_iphone_iso_ipad

TimeLock is the only app on the app store that lets you limit the time your child uses their iDevice every day. It gives you more control than any other app and is easy to set up and use by both you and your child. You can set a daily time limit on any iDevice to limit how much time the device can be used each day. Your child can start and stop the timer at any time during the day so the time limit does not have to be used all at once.

Protecting children online is really important and every parent should take it seriously. Using these app, you parents can control what they do with their device and help them manage time and concentrate on the things that are productive to them.

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