May 21, 2019

Play Store does not work. (Server Error, No Connection)

Sometimes there is problem with Play store in rooted smartphones. It is just stops working, either it says server Error or it says no connection.  I recently had the problem and I managed to get rid of the problem.
There are many ways of doing so. Some options works for some while not for others. I will list all the possible ways that may work for you. You can try all options, see which one works for you the best.
  1. Restart your Smartphone. (Well if you came to this website that means you already tired and did not work but it is also a option.)
  2. Go to  Settings>>Apps>>Play Store and clear the Data and Cache and try opening Play store again to see if it works.
  3. Change your Internet connection. I mean if you were using mobile network then change it to WiFi and the other way around. See if it works.
  4. As I am focusing on the problem in rooted phone then re flashing the Gapps is only the last option. Uninstall the Play Store before re flashing. I have not found any downside of doing so till now so I think you can reFlash it.

Download 4.1.x GAPPS                    Download 4.2.x GAPPS                     Download 4.3.x GAPPS

 Note: If your Smartphone is rooted then probably you have CWM Recovery(or something similar) installed. I recommend you to back up your whole system and data. If some major problem appears than you can always restore.
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