April 25, 2019

Reclaim Your Battery life with Deep Sleep Battery Saver on Android

We can probably see many apps on Android market that promise to save your battery life by certain hours. But All of them does not work, they may have already disappointed you. But comes here the DS Battery Saver. It will not upset you because it does what it says.

Yes, Finally this is the Software that you were waiting for. This software tends to save your battery from draining overnight my putting your phone on deep sleep.

When you open the app you will see 6 options, Gentle, Strong, Balance, Aggressive, Slumberer and Custom, which have their own options. You can click on their respective tabs and check for their options.

Gentel option is the least effective as it wakes up every 30 minutes for 1 minutes to update your phone and Slumberer is the high effective as it always goes to deepsleep while the screen is off.

On Custom you can choose your options for Deepsleep weekday or Deepsleep Weekend. But you need Pro version for that, which you can find on the Android market for not more than $2.

You can see the Review here.

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