May 21, 2019

Recover or Reset Your Windows 7 password If You Forgot And Can Not Login

Forgetting Password of windows 7 can become a headache, myself I have forgotten my Windows password couple of times and it really sucks. 
Many people like to create a strong Windows 7 password for their computer. Of course, the stronger your password , the safer your computer will be. But the problem starts if you forgot your password. There are tons of ways to deal with this problem, from guessing it to using different password resetting programs. I will try to cover some of the best options available.

Method 1:Try To Remember Your Password.

Please don’t panic if you forgot your password, Just keep your mind relaxed. Working with stressed mind can lead to a horror. Many people forgot their password and it is really easy to recover or reset the password.
Well before trying any of the below discussed methods I recommend you trying different combinations of password. Sometime it is really easy to forget the password but if you calm down and try remembering your password, you may remember it.

Method 2:Using Password Reset or Recovery Tools.

 Many people prefer this option. It is really easy to recover or reset password with the help of these software.
There are many free softwares to reset your password. RESET WINDOW PASSWORD and WINDOW PASSWORD RECOVERY TOOL are some of them.Download |  RESET WINDOW PASSWORD
(Ofcourse you don’t need both of them, Choose the one you like.)

So how to use these softwares.Well it is really easy. Just follow the link and you will be resetting your password in no time. Using Password Reset Tools.

Method 3: Using Linux.

Well my favorite. If you are an Informatics student like me or a computer geek you have probably worked with Linux based Operating system. Other computer users have also probably heared about this free OS. Well I personally use this free OS to write my own source code in C and C++. It is really useful piece of OS.
There are many Linux based OS. Some of them are Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and many more(Click here to learn more about these Free OS). Download any OS that you like, it doesn’t matter and you are ready to go. Follow the link below to reset your password using one of the Linux based Operating System.

Method 4: Reinstall Your Window

Well if none of this work for you then, you have to reinstall your window. It is the last option that you want to do. You will loose all your files, photo, documents and many more. But I am sure the method discussed above will works. Try getting help from the people who knows better than you.
Need help from the Computer Geek? Just ask the questions if you have in the comment box.
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