May 26, 2019

See the saved password on the Browser

Browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and others offers to save password so that you don’t have to type them each and everytime.

So How can anyone possibly see them?

There are many ways to see them. May be you can install password saving programs and latter you can see your password if you forget it.

Likewise another way:

  • Open the page that you want to see the saved password. Like in the Image above. You can see, the password is saved there.
  •  Select the password.
  • Right click on it and click on Inspect Element.

If required click the  following Button.

Then you will see the line Below.

Change the “password” to “text” like shown here.

Then you will be able to see the password that was hidden.

If you want other way then on Firefox Navigate to
Tools>>Page Info>>Security>>View saved Password
and you will be able to see the saved password on the browser.

But nerds don’t get into any trouble, If you are trying to get another password on another’s computer be careful. Tell me if you need more help.

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