April 26, 2019

Send Money With Your Gmail Email account to everyone from your Google Wallet

Attaching Images, Videos or documents to your email was not enough, now you can even attach money to your email and send it to your friends, family or anyone using any email service.



For the first time in the history of email, you can send money attaching it to your email address. Google has come up with the service that enables you to send money by attaching it to the email like any photos or documents.  If the person that you want to send the email to doesn’t have the Gmail account also, you can send him/her money. Right now this service will be rolling out only in US but you can get early access by installing and using the Google Wallet app on your Android or ISO Smartphone and may be latter it will be available to other countries also.


It’s easy, fast and free to send from your bank account or Google Wallet Balance.  When you use your credit or debit card to send money, a 2.9% fee per transaction with the minimum of $0.30 will apply. Once you receive money into your Wallet Balance, you can access it instantly with the Google Wallet Card. You can purchase in stores by swiping the card at millions of MasterCard locations, or you can withdraw cash from ATMs. You can also transfer the money to your bank account, use it to buy on Google Play or send money to friends anything that you can do with your money.

So How to send money using Gmail Email?


First you should have a Google Wallet account and any bank account or Master/Credit card connected to Google Wallet with money on it. You can’t send money if you don’t have money on your Wallet or can you? Joke aside but it is literally like sending the message and just like any other attachments just click on Attachment Symbol and to choose Money Symbol and write down the sum of money that you want to send. When you are ready writing email you can click on send. It is simple as that.


But I don’t know if it is a good idea. Will people trust on Google on this service. Before Google Wallet was just about paying for the apps on Google play store but now you can transfer the money to other people like PayPal. Also the transaction fee is bit higher, 2.9% being a bit low fee than other online transaction fee like on PayPal, it should make the fee more lower. This can attract users form PayPal and from other website to Google Wallet. But what do you think? Will it be a Success? I want to hear from you, what do the people like you think about this service.

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