May 26, 2019

Share WiFi Networks with QR Codes

Sharing WiFi Networks password has been a lot harder nowadays because we have to maintain high security with complicated password. Retyping the same password again and again is really frustrating. Even if you type really long password and you made it wrong, it is really painful. But not anymore, XDA developer Stevenator21 has come up with the solution and the solution is WiFiOR.


WiFiQR enables sharing of the QR Code through a share button. This means you can text it, email it, and even print it.

Let’s take a scenario, you have lots of guests at your event/house/business? You want to share you WiFi password to all of them and it really long for security reasons. It is really inconvinient for those people to type that long password, instead create a QR Code and print it out for easy access!

How does it work?

Sharing passwords is as easy:
1) Enter SSID and Password
2) Click Generate Button
3) Scan!


1) Tap the SSID Text Box to bring up saved networks
2) Select the network name in the drop down
3) Scan!

Dowland this application WiFiOR from Google Play Store.


Also you need to download the QRScanner which you can download below.


If you want to download the apk file and store it for the future use and also want to learn more about the application thread then head to XDA developers website.

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