May 21, 2019

Some Awesome and useful things that you can do with Google Apps Script

Based on JavaScript, Google Apps Script is a scripting language for light-weight application development in the Google Apps platform. Although it has some limitation, you can do some awesome things with it. You can have programmatic access to many of the Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Calendar, maps and others. Google Apps Script provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services. If you are into Google Scripting language, here are some awesome things that you can do with it.

Monitor Yours or Anyone’s Website’s down-time Using Google Script Easily

This Google scripts runs every 5 minutes and try to fetch your websites. If it gets the response then it is no problem otherwise it knows your website is down. And if you have entered phone number, then you will also get the Sms notification.

Use Google script to send different email to different people at Once Easily

Google script makes it easy for you to manage your emails. It makes easy to send different emails to different people at once easily.

How to Encrypt your Gmail Messages?

Everyone knows that government agencies are spying on it’s citizens, even Google has been pulled into this conflict stating that Google helped agencies by providing emails from many of it’s client. If you are still using Google than it is nice that you Encrypt your emails.

How To Make A Web App to send the link of the Google Document to yourself or any of your friends Easily?

Google Script helps you sends you a link to a regular Google document to your Gmail as an Email.

A Price Tracker for Amazon and Flipkart

Online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart change their Product price now and then, but if you could not track the product that you want than you could loose a good deal that could have been a lot cheaper. Here’s a simple Google Docs based solution to help you keep track of these price fluctuations via email.

How to Set Auto-Expiry Dates for Shared Folders in Google Drive?

When you share a folder or a file in Google Drive with anyone, the shared links will stay active forever until you manually change the access permissions. But you can use Google Script to set a auto-expiry dates for shared folders.

How to Host your Websites on Google Drive?

If you don’t have any idea about using web servers and want to quickly set up a website online than Google Script can come handy to you. Using this Script you have to upload the website to your Google Drive, uncompress the archive and generate a URL for your website.

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