March 26, 2019

Things to remember before you buy a new Computer, How to buy your new computer?

What should I get? What do I need?” “Should I get a tablet instead of a laptop? These are the questions that you should really ask yourself before buying a new laptop.

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There are many questions, but it is really simple. If all you do is browse the Internet, a tablet can take the place of a laptop  and if you do many stuffs, whether for college, projects or business, a laptop is still the smarter choice. It gives you a keyboard, a bigger screen,big amount of storage, and compatibility with all your favorite software.
So, what kind of laptop should you get, and with what specs and features? I can make this really simple:

There are many things to consider before you buy a new laptop. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Just keep in mind, at least you need 4gb of RAM in today’s world. Software need big amount of RAM to work on, and on today’s world getting 4gb of RAM is really good idea.

2. Keep in mind How much of storage do you need? If you work a lot or play lots of game and work with lots of media so getting a higher amount of storage is really good idea. So getting at least of 500 euro is recommended. Nowadays we can hear about SSD, it is a new technology which have advantage over HDD(the traditional hard disk), higher speed and so on. So you might consider using SSD.

3. How big do you want your screen to be? Many people leave out this option but keep in mind about the screen size.

4. If you are really into games buying laptop with higher graphics card is recommended.

5.  Design, if you consider it a big deal, it is also a good topic to search upon. if you do not like the design better search for different laptops.

6. Don’t buy laptop with higher price, keeping budget is really a good idea. Spending lot of money in laptop is not highly recommended. About 1000 euro is recommended.

7. If you want reviews on laptops than, see the reviews about laptops on

If you think we have left some important points you are always welcome to write to us.

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