April 26, 2019

Top Best launcher theme for android.

Android allows you to customize your home screen, adding widgets, arranging shortcuts and folders, choosing a background, and even replacing the included launcher entirely. This allows users to make their phone more confortable to use. Once you have downloaded the launcher than you can choose many themes supported by the launcher and install on your Smartphone. I will give you my best launcher for android.

1. Buzz Launcher

“Prepare to have your mind blown. Buzz Launcher is perhaps the most revolutionary Android launcher we’ve seen yet.”

” You don’t need to know the best place to get wallpapers, or even the best widgets, because other people have shared their masterpieces with you.” –Android Headlines

“Instead of laborously building themes on your own, Buzz Launcher simply adds a repository for user-generated content that you can freely use. It is basically a theme catalog with themes organized neatly by categories” –Phonearena

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Buzz Launcher is an application that links your device to their Homepack Buzz service. Buzz Launcher is a new concept launcher capable of importing others’ Homescreens to your own device intact. Buzz Launcher is the most innovative Android launcher we’ve seen yet, featuring an intuitive UI, customizable widgets and drop-dead gorgeous themes. Bad news for the users who want to use it for tablets: there is not tablet version of this app. Buzz Launcher sets out in an entirely different direction, Innovative homepack concept; Gorgeous themes; Intuitive UI; Customizable widgets; Shareable homescreens.

 2. Themer

“Themer feels like a magic trick.” –The New York Times

“Themer will make your Android phone look amazing… Both attractive and functional.” –Wired

“My phone looks better than it ever has and I didn’t even have to do anything but press a couple of buttons. If I had to recommend any application to try out right now, this would be the one.” –PhoneDog

I don’t think I have to explain much. It has been featured in The New York Times, Wired, Lifehacker, XDA-Developers, and CNET.

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Themer is brought to you by MyColorScreen, the largest community of designers showing off Android homescreen creations complete with custom widgets, backgrounds, icons, and more. Themer was created to apply themes in one click, dramatically transforming the look and feel of your Android phone effortlessly. It’s free, and you can easily switch between as many themes as you like, so try it out!

3. Aviate

Aviate automatically categorizes all of your apps, and intelligently rearranges your homescreen throughout the day to dynamically give you the apps and information you need most, at precisely the moment you need it. Aviate is an intelligent homescreen that simplifies your phone and surfaces information at the moment it’s useful.

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Based on a complex understanding of your context and preferences, Aviate works to deliver you only the best apps and information, when you need them most. Aviate is intelligent, and can learn how to best organize your apps.

4. Dodol Launcher – phone decor

The dodol Launcher allows users to decorate the Android phone home screen and the background of app drawers, which contains the user’s apps, to create a more “customized” smartphone. Users can change their smartphone’s home screen and background, icon, widget designs of their app drawers at once (depending on the theme they select).

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Why is dodol launcher So Special?

a) A wide variety of themes are being created this very moment!

b) Offers a convenient default widget and widget theme modification function

c) Change the font, ringtone and keyboard settings as you see fit

d)  Offers detailed functions for screen rotation/individual icons/folders etc. Supports functions in a convenient and stable manner by copying the home screen and creating backups of settings.

5. Lucid Launcher

A good looking and highly functional launcher is something that everyone needs to have installed on his or her Android phone or tablet. Stock launchers are fully capable of doing the job, but they often lack of features in aftermarket launchers such as Nova or Apex. This time, however, Lucid Launcher is something a bit unique.

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Lucid launcher is a home screen replacement app created entirely from scratch. This launcher is designed to be light, fast, and customizable. This launcher is completely different from most known launcher apps. There is no grid, so an unlimited number of widgets can be placed wherever you want. There is also no typical application drawer, as the list of apps is available on one of the pages. Instead, the launcher has three workspaces: The first is analogous to your application drawer. The second is a typical home page. The third is Google, enabling you to search for interesting topics without opening an external browser.

5. Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher, minimalist design, low resource and user-friendly interface which allows you to launch any application in a few keys. It’s currently the only launcher of Play Store, which has a function of automatic sorting and cataloging of installed applications!

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It has a good selection of its own themes available for free (mostly) in the Play Store. Then, it can use Live Wallpapers and screens of different sizes, putting control in the user’s hand. The best part is support for icon sets of APEX, ADW and Launcher PRO, and the Play Store is teeming with those. You can show or hide the status bar as well as the navigation bar.

6. Apex Launcher

“Fantastic app that has the potential to give your phone a complete makeover. I highly recommend it.”MakeUseOf
“Even after a lot of customization, Apex Launcher feels super fast.” Pocket Now
“We must say it is as smooth as butter.”Droid Life
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This launcher has been appreciate by many high rated websites. The new Apex Launcher version comes with several features that Android device owners will enjoy, including the transparent notification bar, which mimics the official Google Experience Launcher’s bar. Additionally, there are many other features and enhancements.

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Apex Launcher delivers a pure Android experience along with a host of customizable options and handy gestures. Like Nova Launcher and ADW Launcher, Apex appears like Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The three buttons (back, home and recent apps) sit at the bottom of the screen, with the dock directly above them. Icons appear identical to their stock Jelly Bean counterparts.

7. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX – the final choice for 100,000,000+ people! User voted best Android Launcher! that is what written in downlaod page of this app in Google play. GO Launcher EX offers a huge amount of customization, Unique widgets and plugins; Tons of special effects, themes and widgets, but you’ll have to pay for many of those nifty extra features.

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If you’re a fan of minimalist design, GO Launcher EX may not be the Android launcher you’re looking for. You can enjoy 10,000+ themes and experience the super speedy and smooth operation provided by powerful 3D core! As the best home screen replacement, it transforms your Android device into a great personal online user experience you can really control.

8. Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is the best and the most popular home screen app for Android devices in Apple’s classical style. It not only clones the Apple’s classical home screen for your Android devices, but also gives you more features and fun. In this version, you can experience the perfect Android implementation of font, icons, dynamic icons, search page, wallpaper, and animations. Now, you can feel the beauty and simplicity of Apple style on your Android devices!

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You can customize the icons of the apps: change the size as well as color and font size. Only need to take down the desired icon to change its appearance. You can also customize the style and color of the icons in groups or individually, as well as icons App Hub.

9. Nova Launcher

Fast, sleek, and highly customizable, Nova Launcher is among the best modern Android launcher apps. There are a lot of options to work through, from color themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, folder settings, infinite scrolling, and more. It doesnot work on Android below 4.0 so bad luck to the people who wants to use it on older smartphones.

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It looks similar to Android’s default launcher, but adds a variety of additional options and effects, including the ability to use themes and create custom tabs to categorize the apps in your app drawer.

10. Holo Launcher

Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement, based on KitKat Launcher, it can run on Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean.If you’re stuck on a device running older version of android like  2.3 Gingerbread or 2.2 Froyo and your manufacturer has no plans on upgrading your phone, Holo Launcher gives you all of the features available in the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher, for free.

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Holo Launcher is able to hold five apps in the app drawer which is great.  Another unique feature of Holo Launcher is that when viewing all your apps, you can sort it by your favorite apps and apps that you recently used.  This could be very convenient if you have hundreds of apps.  Holo Launcher is a great looking launcher and fast at the same time.

11. ADW Launcher

ADW Launcher offers a plethora of innovative features, customizable options and themes, and a pure Jelly Bean design. Pure Android experience; Plenty of customizable options; Mix and match themes; Create groups in the app drawer; Preview widgets in AppWidget Picker are some of the function of this app.

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What makes ADW different?

-Customizable applications dock with support for unlimited shortcuts with paginated scroll.
-Gestures for fast operation (swipe up/down, 2-fingers swipe up/down, pinch in/out, etc)
-Configurable Actionbar, similar to android 3.x+ tablet interface.
-Screens editor to add,remove, swap and resize your desktop screens.
-Configurable visual desktop indicators.
-Easy folder tweaking and management, content previews, arrangement, colors, etc.

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