June 18, 2019

Top Five mistake that Startup companies makes when selling their product Online.

Today if you want to sell a product as a start-up company, it is difficult and its getting difficult day by day as competition is getting tough.  There are something that a start-up companies be doing online to advertise their product but often they miss it. Sometime they even do some mistakes that will have bad reputation on their side. For a powerful online presence, what you don’t do is as important as what you should be doing.


Let’s be honest, sometime the way you present your product is more important than your actual product. So advertising your product in a respectful manner is also a the key factor. So, Let’s see all the points:


 Not choosing the right Person or Company to build your Website

I told you before that the way you present your product is important. But not everyone knows the best way to present any products. So many start-up companies hire some freelancers rather than hiring a professional website developers and designer or Companies. Why you may ask? There are many reasons, the freelancers are just there to make a website for you but they don’t really care about your product. They really don’t care how the internet works. They miss out so many points that may help you while building a website or do some things that they should not doing. Hiring a Professional Company that have idea about web designing and how the internet really works is important.

Ignoring the design of the website that they want to sell the product on

You are selling a product so proper user experience on the website is the thing that you really can’t ignore. A website should have visual appeal and at the same time have proper functionality to navigate over your products and pages.


Insufficiency on the strong representation and description of the product

If you are selling your product online be sure you have included all the required explanation of your Product. Many start up companies fails strong representation. Don’t fail to tell your users Who you are and why they should use their products. Giving satisfaction to your user is one of the main thing you should concentrate on.

Ignoring SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

May be you don’t really know about websites and don’t know the do and don’t on the internet after you open a website. In this case you ignore SEO. This is the greatest mistake that you should not do.  Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing websites to make them search engine friendly. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are the search engines that people often use. If these search engines have found your website than it will be indexed on their server and when anyone search the about the product that you sell, they will see the link to your website. To make sure the these search engine crawls you website you have to design your website in such a way that it complying with search engine guidelines and standards without putting barriers that would otherwise hamper its discover-ability.


Not Planning before hand and no strategy

You are a start up company and people really don’t know you. They will message you and ask you about your products or want to see your product on person. So have you already planned what will be your strategy on these situations? Also have you planned what will you be doing after a month or a year to upgrade your product. Do you have any online forum or help center where you are addressing the problems of your customer. There are many things you should be planning before hand getting your website published online.

Tell me, what do you think are the points that I missed above and is really important. I will be happy to add them here.

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