April 26, 2019

VLC Media Player for Windows 8 released

Back in January, we wrote an article on the imminent release of VLC Media Player for winRT platform. Well, After 18 months of work, and a successful kickstarter funding of $40,000, the team behind iconic player have finally released the fruit of their effort in the windows store and is available for download.
As expected from the player, the features lists the ability to play any format of audio and video media you may throw at it. We have taken it for ourselves to test that claim and we can assure that it performed positive in our tests.
In the initial launch of the app, it indexes all the media in your system. It can consume some time particularly if you have a large disk with a lot of media files. It is clear that VLC is aiming for remaining the go-to media player in the win RT platform too.
The new VLC Media Player is available for x86 and x64 architecture on windows 8/8.1. The version of the player for Windows RT isn’t available the the time of writing and is expected to be available soon.

Screenshot.314286.1000000 Screenshot.314286.1000001 Screenshot.314286.1000003 Screenshot.314286.1000004Source:  VLC for windows 8 on windows store

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