June 18, 2019

VLC Player for Windows 8/RT ready to be released

VLC for windows 8 has been a topic of buzz since its successful Kickstarter campaign back in December. Now, the developers behind the successful media player have teased the ‘metro’ version of the app. A series of screenshots posted in the KickStarter page shows radically changed UI which in a personal view is much better-looking and better-suited than the minimalistic UI of the desktop version of the player.
In addition to aesthetics, the player has taken the full advantage of the metro interface, including live tiles, split screen and such.
The developers have stated that they have prepared the app in compliance with Windows Store standards and will be submitting it in few days.
All-in-all, we reckon the new VLC player for WinRT is much sleek and functional. We are looking forward to reviewing it after its release.


Those are the current screenshots, and you can even see some actual bugs.

Let us know what you think about the new UI in the comments.
Source: VLC Kickstarter Page

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