May 21, 2019

What apple users should keep in mind before switching to android?

If you’re sick of Apple you probably have thought of moving to Android as it is also the leading and most successful Operating system out there. To be honest, I think there are many users moving from iPhone to Android, than from Android to iPhone. So I thought it is a good idea to write a user’s guide for those who are shifting from apple to android.

First thing first. If you are moving from iPhone to Android, than choosing the right smartphone that is comfortable for you is very important. Which is better, phones with bigger screen or the other way around? Just choose the right one for you.

There are variety of phones to choose from. Most of them are bigger, First thing you notice after buying an android phone is the huge display. For most of the people bigger display is worth spending for and for others, small screen phones are easy to handle with.

Let’s talk about the feature now.

Notification Bar: Many android phones have notification bar with shortcut to many things like WiFi, Bluetooth, flight mode and many more.

Widgets: If you are new to android than you will love this feature. To get this feature on IOS device you have to jailbreak your phone. Android is so much better on this matter than apple. You can keep different widgets on your screen to make it look beautiful. There are many widgets for clock, musics, contacts and so on.

Freedom of choice: Apple have the app store, likewise android have Google play as a Market place. Moreover android allows it’s user to install different kinds of app from different markets.

Google map: After the release of iPhone 5 the map has been updated, however apple users have not been satisfied with the map. Now you will have better experience with Google Map.
Free turn-by-turn navigation, Locations are some features that is included on this applications. Be ready to make your experience even better.

Touch keyboard: Of course you should get use to the touch keyboard as it is different than apple. If you don’t like your keyboard than you can download other keyboards from Google play market and install it.

Want to know Why I choose android over apple?

Voice recognition: Android have their own voice recognition application. Helps you to search, call, message, and many other coll features. Apple users have been fascinated by Siri. In android you don’t have siri but you can download many application like siri from google play.


However every thing has two sides, I am not going to praise android a lot because it also has some drawbacks.
Let me tell you some thing that android users must know. Yes of course android also have many things that many users find not satisfying, but  there is always some ways to make it right. It’s not all good news when you switch. Android has its issues, too. Fortunately, you can work around most of them.

As most of the best android phones have the bigger screen it is uncomfortable to type. Apple users have been comfortable with one hand typing, but in android it is pretty hard to do that way. As it is bigger, you have to use your both hands to type.

Virus attack: Not much to worry about, but sometimes it could be a problem. Who wants to risk their personal information over the internet. But you can find antivirus software on Google play that can help you be safe.

If you need more heads up, than visit AC. Android Central forums have cracked down each and every things to basics. You would probably learn something there.

Have you switched from iPhone to android? What did you find good and what was unpleasant?

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