June 18, 2019

Who is on my WIFI shows you who is stealing your WiFi

You probably have a router at your home and using you are using WiFi. You have connected many computers and even your mobiles on that network but have you ever checked if someone else is using your internet connection.

You may be thinking, you have a strong password and no one can ever get in your router but don’t forget that in this today’s century cracking down the password and getting in the router is not much of the trouble. May be you have the default router’s username and password that you have not changed. There can be many ways to get into a router.

So, this is really necessary that you check for time to time if anyone is using your internet. If any one is using your internet than it is possible them to see your data on your computer and steal them. Other people may be soaking up bandwidth which would cause your internet to be slower. An outsider could also be exposing your internal network to viruses.

There is also the fear that someone who uses your wireless network might download mp3 or do something else illegal potentially subjecting the owner of the wireless network to a legal liability or at least an inconvenient call from the authorities. So looking for such kind of intruders now and then is a must.

Who is On My WiFi is a great software that helps you from the exact dangerous situation. It shows you who are connected to your router at the current moment so that you can check who is using your WiFi. After that you can find if anyone else is using your WiFi connection.


You can see the device Id, Digital Signature, NIC Manufacturer and much more information about the connected device  so that you can identify if it actually is a known device to you. If not just set them as Unknown and you can afterwards kick them out of your router.

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    Watch the video to see the demo for Who’s On My WiFi.


How does Who’s On My WiFi work?

When you open this software for the first time and click on Scan Now you will be able to see all the device that are currently connected to your router. You can then tag the device as Known or Unknown and you can close it. It will then runs in the background constantly monitoring your network looking for any device that is connected. When it founds any device that you didn’t tag before than it will warn you that intruder has been connected to you router. If you not currently at your home than it can also email you as an optional service. Or, you can read the log file afterwards that the software has saved for your safety.


Download it for Windows, Android or IOS, it is your choice. It your choice how you want to be secured. In short, you don’t have to be afraid that someone is secretly on your network anymore.


When a new computer is connected to the network and getting the email for that is really nice feature. But the thing you can do with free trail of this software: able to see all the unknown device connected to your network, you are also able to do this with the Command Prompt in your Window Computer: the software which is already there when you bought the Windows Operating System. The only difference is, you don’t have to go to command line and type some codes, instead you can just click few buttons to do that.

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