May 21, 2019

Why did I choose Android Over IOS?

Android and iOS have been compared to one-another with each new OS update and hardware release for the past two years. There is no doubt that these two OS has the major market share in the whole world. Today I am going to share with you some reasons why i choose to use Android over IOS.

1. Customization

 I really want to feel comfortable when I am using my phone, and for obvious that means I have to customize my phone. In IOS there is not much of customization, it is just the screen rolling over and over from right to left and left to right. Well that is what I feel. But in Android you can full customize your home and other screens with many gadgets and applications.

2. Variety of Phones to choose from

Iphone, it is only the phone with ios, I cannot choose different phones that I like, of course there is iPhone 5 with longer screen but they are the only options. May be I need bigger and wide screen or smaller screen, I just can’t get it. But Android comes with different size and models.

3. Different Markets

 Android allows apps from different markets to install from, not only google play. But IOS is only limited to Apple store. Moreover if I want to install my own application in Android I am free to do, I just have to  copy the app to the phone and install it. But in Iphone it is one heck of a problem, I have to jail break it.

4. Price

I have freedom to choose the cheap Android phones if i can’t afford expensive one. But IPhone it’s just the Phone with no option.

5. Custom ROMs

 There are many custom ROMs in Android, my favorite of the bunch is CyanogenMod but there are plenty of great ROMs by both domestic and international developers. I haven’t heard of any custom ROMs for Iphone other than IOS.

6. Flash compatible

 This is the most advantage that Androids have over iOS, at least until Flash is fully phased-out. Android has Flash built-in and you won’t ever see those annoying spaces that asks you to install Flash to see the content.

7. App Market cost for developers

I am a software developer, I want to test and distribute my application and it is cheap in Android market as the annual fee for Android Market for developers is 25 dollar while for IOS it is 99 dollar.

8. Expandable memory

And of course who wants to pay 100 of dollars to apple than buying an expandable memory Android phone.  Justbuy a memory card which is cheap with higher storage capacity andwala you have high storage in your Phone.Tell us why did you choose Android over IOS or if you are apple fan, tell us reasons why did you choose IOS over Android.
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